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Karen Bongiorno is a writer, researcher and mom. She recently completed a series of practical guide books for mothers. They give an overview of motherhood, offering encouragement, knowledge, inspiration, organization tools and resources to help mothers handle the full-nest years.
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Support for Limiting Children’s Cellphone & Tech use

Support for Limiting Children’s Cellphone & Tech use

Bill Gates is surprisingly strict about his kids’ tech use — and it should be a redflag for the rest of us

In the ongoing battle to limit your children’s tech use, here is reinforcement from Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. He did not let his three children have smart phones until they were 14 years old, despite their complaints. His children have limits on their use of technology, also. This article highlights Bill Gates’ guidelines and mentions the late Steve Jobs’ restrictions on his children’s use of technology too. You’ll find links to articles about the growing concern parents, experts and teachers have about children’s seeming addiction to smartphones and technology.

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Karen Bongiorno
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