Karen Bongiorno | COLLEGE: How to Prepare, Choose & Pay for It
Karen Bongiorno is a writer, researcher and mom. She recently completed a series of practical guide books for mothers. They give an overview of motherhood, offering encouragement, knowledge, inspiration, organization tools and resources to help mothers handle the full-nest years.
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It is a BIG job to find, choose and pay for college for your child/children. The resources shown in this category provide information to help you and your child/children move through each step of this process.

College Entrance Exams

College Board – SAT

Register to take the SAT and Advanced Placement Tests. Register and pay for an online preparatory course; purchase other preparatory information.

ACT Test

Register to take the ACT. Also: online preparatory testing, review and send scores to colleges, resource information to review college planning and readiness, financial planning and resources for college costs, career and major exploration.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides free online SAT preparation.

Fair Test

The Fair Test website shows colleges and universities which don’t require ACT or SAT test scores for admission. As of January 2018, there are more than 1000 schools on this list.

Choosing a College

College Confidential

The site has SuperMatch®, a free resource to help students find and choose a college. Students can create an account to save, compare and edit their searches. It is offered through Hobsons Inc. which has the Naviance program offered to high schools. (If your student’s high school has Naviance, he can access this same program by signing in on the high school’s Naviance site. The high school site will show historical admissions records for its graduates corresponding to the applications the graduates sent to colleges and universities. This is helpful because your student can compare his GPA and SAT/ACT scores with prior students’ scores at his high school who had applied to a particular school. He can see where his scores might place him for admission; being admitted, waitlisted or declined.

Big Future

This is a link offered through College Board. Big Future allows students to search and find colleges based on specific filters, save searches and compare colleges. Register and create customized college list; explore careers and majors; apply online to colleges; send SAT scores to colleges; set up a plan to implement their college search. This is all organized using My Organizer. The My Calendar link will show important dates and deadlines for colleges on the student’s My College list.

Unigo – Find Your Perfect College

Unigo is a free online guide to help students find a college through a college match quiz. Students can create an online account to save search information. It gives information and advice on college admissions, applications, entrance tests, college scholarships and more.

Why Community College

This site gives an overview for considering community college. See College Guidance, Why Community College?

Paying for College

Options for Paying for College

This site gives an overview of options for paying for college.