Karen Bongiorno | College Financial Awards – Understanding and Comparing Awards
Karen Bongiorno is a writer, researcher and mom. She recently completed a series of practical guide books for mothers. They give an overview of motherhood, offering encouragement, knowledge, inspiration, organization tools and resources to help mothers handle the full-nest years.
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College Financial Awards – Understanding and Comparing Awards

College Financial Awards – Understanding and Comparing Awards

Congratulations to your child on his/her college acceptances! Now you and your child can begin to look at his/her college financial aid/awards. Be sure you understand the terms for each type of  financial aid because colleges do not always use the same language for each type of aid.

National Public Radio (NPR) produced a special series called, The Changing Face of College. Elissa Nadworny of NPR reports on college financial aid in this series. She explains each financial aid term in her article, “How to Calculate the Cost of College: Guide to Financial Aid Terms.”

She also provides a link to a google spread sheet, Award Letter Analyzer. The spread sheet can be downloaded. Parents and students can use it to compare their college financial aid offers.

Karen Bongiorno
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