Karen Bongiorno | Building Community & Volunteering
Karen Bongiorno is a writer, researcher and mom. She recently completed a series of practical guide books for mothers. They give an overview of motherhood, offering encouragement, knowledge, inspiration, organization tools and resources to help mothers handle the full-nest years.
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I love the African proverb, “It takes a whole village to raise a child,” because it expresses friendliness and mutual concern for raising our children in a supportive community. We need support as mothers. We can help build supportive communities by joining, participating and volunteering in local activities, organizations and schools.


The resources here include organizations for mothers and information about school volunteer organizations.

Mothers’ Organizations

When you become a mom, you’ll want to connect with other moms. The following websites can help you find local and online mothers and parents organizations. Some of the websites have information on how to start your own organization if you cannot find a local organization.

Baby Center

You can find information on this website for many different kinds of online communities for mothers. Groups and topics range from mothers trying to get pregnant to baby names, to toddlers, tweens, family relationships and more.

Meetup For Moms

This website has the following search topics to help you search for mothers groups:

It has the following link to create your own group:

School Volunteering

Schools have many volunteer organizations you can join. The following websites tells you about each organization.

National PTA

Association of over 4 million members consisting of parents, teachers and guardians. Members work to strengthen and support their local schools through community connection and involvement.

National School Board Association

Website for the National School Boards Foundation Association gives information on what school foundations do and provides guidance to school foundations.

National School Foundation Association

Links to websites for starting and running a non-profit school foundation.

The Role of the School Site Council

This website has information on the benefits of school site councils and what types of volunteer opportunities they offer.